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  Address: No. 2 Sichuan Chengdu Chenghua Longtan Road to good urban concentrated industrial zones



  Fax: 0086-28-84722814

  Sales: 0086-28-84723285 / 0086-28-84723613

  Ministry of Finance: 0086-28-84215372-8014

  General Manager's Office: 0086-28-84215371 (straight line)

  Getting There:

  (1) take the 128 Road, Longtan Industrial Park Station


  (1) along with Chenghua Avenue, go straight into the fir Itabashi Way

  (2) along with cedar Itabashi Way 50 meters straight into the Chenghua Avenue

  (3) along with 760 meters of Chenghua Avenue, turn right into the middle ring road east Immortals

  (4) along the loop road with 70 meters Immortals east, toward the green into gold fast / Longtan River direction to enter into China's Road

  (5) along with 1.6 km to Hua Road, East Third Ring Road, Sec / Arima Road direction Slight right onto the ramp

  (6) along the ramp with 280 meters, turn right in front

  (7) with 900 meters, straight into the path into the cause

  (8) along the road to actuate with 1.3 km, turn left into the road Arima

  (9) along the Arima road driving 180 meters, turn right into a good road

  (10) along a good road with 20 meters to reach the terminal