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High-end tag

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High-end tag

The design, printing and production of clothing tags must be very particular, especially the graphic design. It should be treated as a small print advertisement, and the following elements should be carefully considered: necessary ingredient descriptions and washing instructions, especially washing instructions , do not be too simple; for functional clothing such as down jackets, plastic body underwear, thermal clothing, etc., there should be detailed instructions for use, and do not simply use a few standard washing icons to reflect. Detailed instructions can reflect the company's responsible and considerate attitude to customers; for complex instructions, it can be made in the form of legends or even cartoons, which is vivid and innovative; pictures can be used appropriately, such as supermodels and beautiful women wearing products. The photos of the product give people an intuitive feeling, make consumers have a deeper impression on the brand products, and play a good role in publicity and promotion; barcode (Barcode) has become the symbol of modern logistics, and supermarkets and large shopping malls require product labeling barcode, so don't forget to barcode. Regarding the use of barcodes and product classification, they must be scientific and reasonable, and cannot be coded casually; relevant certification marks, such as IS09001/9002 reflecting product quality assurance, environmental protection IS014000, cotton logo, pure wool logo, European green label Oeko—TexStandardl00, European Eco-labels such as E-co-1abel should be actively hung to reflect the quality characteristics of products, reflect the corporate image, and win the trust and recognition of customers; cooperate with holographic anti-counterfeiting and barcode anti-counterfeiting. With the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, the competition is bound to become more intense. For brands and famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products, various anti-counterfeiting technologies can be used, which not only protects the interests of enterprises, but also maintains The rights and interests of the majority of consumers; the words of thanks and wishes are printed, giving people a sense of intimacy. It is best to add simple and elegant poetry to touch the hearts of consumers; according to the seasons, consumption objects, and product characteristics, the hang tags are designed with annual calendars, bookmarks, greeting cards and other collectibles that consumers love, cherish and appreciate, and become lasting. advertise.

Furniture copper trim. The hangtag is a movable handle composed of flexion and series connection, which can rotate freely and is easy to use. Due to the careful design of folk craftsmen, the form is rich and diverse, and it is one of the more distinctive copper ornaments.


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